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April is the Month to Plant Seeds

April is the month to plant seeds. The hopes and dreams of the past months need to be planted in fertile soil. Action must now be taken on this earth plane to manifest your destiny. The seeds must be planted in rich loam in order to take root and grow tender shoots so that the fruit of your labour can be perceived as reality. It is time to become unglued from your TV sets and your Netflix and branch out into the world to create and extend yourselves. There is no need to fear the outcome for it will be as it should.

Allow yourself to co-create with God and you will be rewarded. If you do not know what to create and where to put your energies, spend some time in silence and listen carefully to the little voice inside that has been trying to get your attention; the voice that you push down and try to silence by various means. Be not afraid to get to know yourself. There is nothing to fear there for you are all sparks of the divine.

Blessings dear children and be well.

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