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February is the Month of Forgiveness

A message from All That Is:

February is the month of Forgiveness. The rape of the land and sea’s resources, pollution of the earth and its soil, from cloud to rainwater to subterranean water pathways, to the rivers and streams and to the lakes and oceans, the cycle continues and receives its due time of recuperation and forgiveness. Why forgiveness, you ask? The land is in darkness and shadow during this month, even the sun rarely shines blanketing the northern hemisphere in a clouded shrine.

This is a sign for man to leave the earth alone for a time, let it rest, a time that man must respect the natural process of rejuvenation, a time to think about forgiveness of self, a time to heal old wounds, a time to look inward. As the earth rests, so must human beings. Construction conglomerates must take a break, farmers rest and prepare for spring planting when the rape of the soil begins again.

The time of nomadic tribes is largely over at this time in history but it was a way that the earth was respected and left alone, taking only what was necessary for survival, picking berries, eating leaves and cultivating knowledge of herbs as the tribes passed through, killing only those animals that were old and weak and blessing their spirits in gratitude for their flesh.

We remind those who choose to eat of the fruits of the loins of mammalian and sea life, to thank them for giving their lives, to ask for forgiveness and to bless them even if they did not kill them by their own hands. If you partake of the flesh of other creatures, honour their lives before plowing into their flesh. This way you return the respect and honour back to the land and to the natural processes of nature’s flow.

Take time as February passes to honour the healing of your spirit and to connect yourself back to the land and to nature’s process of rejuvenation and forgiveness.

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  1. Brenton
    March 7, 2023

    Such a beautiful message

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