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How I became a Healing Medium

Life is a collaboration between you and the spiritual beings who love you and who want to help you evolve. Life is a walk, hand-in-hand with source, also known as God, angels or guides, Allah, Great Spirit, Hindu gods or the Buddhist’s, Gautama Buddha and many more. Whatever we choose to call this benevolent power, once we, as human beings, feel cut-off from source’s love, we are cut-off from ourselves, from our souls and our connection to source, the result often being feelings of isolation, disconnection, depression, pain and many other manifestations of the core state of fear. In vain attempts to numb these feelings, human beings tend to turn to substances like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and manifest unhealthy behaviours like sex addiction, co-dependence and obsessive compulsive disorders, to name a few.

I emerged from childhood terrified, wounded and isolated. I thought of myself, metaphorically, as a single, fragile stalk of wheat surrounded by a field of other stalks but having no connection to them. I felt that the winds of fate could buffet me about and that I was powerless and vulnerable and alone.

As a young child, I had turned my back on God as I could not understand how “he” would allow his children to suffer as I had.  As an emerging adult, I began to search for answers about my identity in relation to life’s meaning and for a sense of belonging to something or someone. I did not yet understand that I was disconnected from source and that this was, indeed, the root cause of my suffering.

I sought to ease my pain and suffering in destructive ways, seeking comfort and connection from other broken people who brought me more pain and suffering. I sought out many different therapists, many of whom turned me away as they were not equipped to help me. Occasionally, they would give me a flash of insight or consoling verbiage but I knew that they listened because they were paid to. There were, after all, only human.

The ache I felt inside for connection and a longing to be saved from my life grew more intense until one day, while I slept, my grandmother, who had recently passed on, came to visit me in a dream, but it wasn’t a dream.

“What are you doing here? You are dead.” I asked.

My skepticism drove her away. The next night, again at 3:00 a.m. she came again and this time, I took it seriously and again I asked her the reason for her visit.

“Because I love you dear and you didn’t believe me when I came to see you the first time. I wanted to say goodbye to you because we didn’t get a chance when I was living.”

Her love shone through me, she hugged me and left. I sat bold upright in bed and cried all the pain of losing her away. Once the deluge had passed, I felt no more pain and was overcome with peace. That was the first time that I remember being visited by someone who had left this earth plane. The experience left an indelible impression of unconditional love on my heart and was followed, over the years, by many visits by my guides, and many others who came to help me heal. This first visit occurred in my mid-twenties.

30 years have since passed and many, many talks with the beings who love me unconditionally and who have stood by me without judgment throughout my life. There is no human being on earth, in my experience, who knows everything I have thought and done, who I can say still loves me just as I am! There is no sum of money that can buy unconditional love and acceptance.

Over many years of working diligently with my spirit guides to develop this gift of communication with them, I came full circle and reconnected with God in an unprecedented, spiritually transformative experience in Israel.

How does my journey translate into the ability to help other people transform their pain and answer their life’s questions?   I will let “All That Is” respond:

“Let us begin with an explanation of the name that we chose for ourselves, ‘All That Is.’ Our energies form a collective knowledge of everything that  has ever occurred before this time and everything — meaning EVERYTHING — that anyone in the history of this universe, not simply your earth plane, has ever thought, said or done. It is like a universal library of knowledge wherein we can access all answers to any question ever divined by any living entity. So for these reasons, we believe that “All That Is” describes us succinctly.

Now to respond to the above question posed by Suzanne. We have prepared this dear soul to do our bidding, in God’s name and on his behalf, for centuries. How can this be, you ask? How can we prepare a soul for centuries? This response runs contradictory to the beliefs of many religious traditions but concurrent with others. Our truth is that souls return, often for many lifetimes, to experience themselves in physical form, to learn their lessons in order to evolve and break free from the ties that bind them from the true fulfillment of their soul’s destinies. This is true for all souls who choose to be reborn on this earth plane. Many souls have migrated from other existences on other planets and universes … but we digress. What we are saying is that your souls are all on a journey through time and space and you are all at different points on your paths but are headed back to the same place.

There is a saying that you all understand, “into each life, some rain must fall”¹ and it is at this intersection that we offer our help through our servant, Suzanne, who has at long last, resigned herself to being in God’s service to help those who are seeking truth to begin to understand. We offer our energies as we are also dedicated to your healing, as a collective, in a grand effort to bring light and peace to the world, one being at a time.

Her energy is pure. When she channels “All That Is” she opens herself to divine energy as a medium or channel to transmit exactly what we tell her. In no way is this information her opinion or thought, hence, she is not responsible for what she transmits when she is working with those who come. We feel that this response adequately answers the above question.

We look forward to helping you all on an individual basis. Why not in a group forum? The nature of our work is intensely personal. As such, we wish to create a confidential and private space for the seekers who come for healing. You will understand, once we have a chance to work with you. This healing work is not for the faint of heart but for those who are ready to delve into the murky depths of their innermost pain. This child who is God’s servant, holds remarkably little judgment due to the hurt she has suffered on her many life paths. She will hold your secrets in the strictest confidence, keeping your identity separate and private from your name in this world. With this thought, we close this communication.

Goodbye for now.

All That Is and Suzanne

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