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March is the Month of Hope

A message from All That Is and Suzanne:

March is the month of Hope. The birds are starting to sing again, the snow is melting and the planet, in the Northern Hemisphere, is preparing to blossom as the sun shines more frequently, illuminating the surface of the planet. This is a time of hope not only for the planet and new growth, but for the human beings who inhabit it.

It is time to water the seeds you have planted creatively, to put your plans into action and to get down to the hard work of manifesting your personal reality, adding to the global energy. Be careful about the energy you choose to emit, for each thought, word and action creates a ripple affecting other beings.

You don’t have to be a superstar in this life. Before you start manifesting, we urge you to spend time with yourself to figure out who you were prior to incarnating here and water that seed daily so that you eventually align with your soul and its purpose. There is much pressure to do it all at this time on the planet. We urge you to pull back a bit to spend time to discover yourself and your identity, as you are not what it is you do in this world, you simply are. Spend more time being this month and less time doing so that your efforts more closely align with who you are.

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