Message from Suzanne

The gift of the ability to channel or speak with and hear the non-physical realm developed because I prayed for it, every day sometimes. It developed very slowly, over the years. I needed to understand who I was at that time; I learned about my past lifetimes, about my true nature and was gently and slowly made aware of my purpose this lifetime. I learned the reason we incarnate on this earth as humans. I learned that I am loved and I mean, loved unconditionally, no matter what I have said or done! I learned that I am a spark of the divine and so are you! Being able to speak with them and hear them was something I needed to survive. I have them to thank for my life, for giving me hope, and for companioning me through my life … standing beside me when nobody else would, encouraging me onward. During the times I could not hear them, I learned that they were behind the scenes working on my behalf and that I had not been abandoned. I know now that, even if they don’t come when I want them to, they will be there when I most need them. I have come to know many of these beings of light by name and have developed loving, close relationships with them. They were my friends during my darkest hours. I did not understand then that they were also preparing me for this work, so that I could help many others by being a bridge to the other side. The beings who come to me are of the highest realm, the realm tasked with helping humans to heal and evolve past their pain.

I do not interpret their messages for you, I simply channel for you and you decide if what they say resonates with you. They speak in terms that you are comfortable with and will help you from wherever it is you are in your journey.  I am honoured to have this gift and to be able and ready to share it with others. It is easy to book a session. Simply go to Book a Session on this website and follow the prompts.

Have a blessed day,


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