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What to expect from your first session

Dear Ones,

At the beginning of the session, to respect the process and the spiritual beings that are joining us for your session together, there will be a period of silence and reverence to honour their participation and to allow Suzanne to allow their energies to collaborate with her frequencies. 

We begin with an introduction welcoming you into the fold. We identify ourselves in a way that you will be familiar with and feel comfortable. We let you know that there is nothing frightening or intimidating here. We then say a few words creating a link between your lived experience and the subject matter. It is helpful for you, if you spend a few moments prior to your session thinking about the details of your life that you would like addressed as it is also helpful if you keep a healing journal to record your process. Often we will identify and speak to these issues without you posing the questions out loud as we have spent some time prior to our meeting together discussing and thinking about the best ways to help you begin to dissect and move beyond the pain and issues involved. In other words, we are already familiar with your plight and have come prepared with a way forward.

We often give practical, real-life exercises for you to do in between sessions so you will feel that you are progressing to the next level of your evolution. There is no reason to be frightened. There is nothing that you can say or do now or any time during your past that will shock or deter us from loving you. Wherever you are on your path of evolution, is as it is supposed to be and we are delighted to be able to help you at this intersection of your life.

The human mind is at its very nature skeptical so your mind will play tricks on you and it may take you months or years to accept that you are indeed speaking to us and not Suzanne. The fact that you are here is wonderful and if you take away even one piece of information that you can apply to your life and begin to heal and set yourself free then we will have accomplished what we set out to do. If you return for more, all the better! We have one request on this subject, that you avoid asking questions that come from skepticism and that you do not try to test us by asking “tricky” questions with the intention of asking us to prove our existence. The mind will always try to trick itself. This we know, but this form of questioning is detrimental to your healing as we ask you to approach your healing with an open mind. All you need to do after your session is to listen to it again and again and come to your own conclusions as to whether what we have told you is helpful or not. If it is, we are delighted! Your body will answer this question for you as you will know the truth when you hear it. Just listen to your gut, as they say.

As well, there is a place and time for everything so not everything asked will be told. Some things you are not permitted to know and we say what we can at that time. You may feel a little incomplete, unanswered and unheard but under these circumstances, it is not your time or place to know. This is up to All That Is.

Suzanne is not attached to the information that moves through her, in other words, she will not hold on to the bulk of your information. If you reference something we have said in a subsequent session, she will most likely not remember it. Please do not take offense. She could not possibly remember the bits and pieces of your life as she has a very full life of her own. This should give you a bit of comfort as what comes through her is held in confidence, even if she is able to retain fragments of information.

 Another important fact is that when she channels, she enters another dimension of consciousness in order to be able to speak to us, a state of grace and peace. In other words, she uses another part of her mind to access our frequency and is not functioning from the part of the brain responsible for critical thinking and memory.

Even when she channels for herself, she needs to record what we say and then she listens to it afterwards in order to fully understand and absorb the information. You may choose to do the same. If you are in-person, prepare to record your own session and if it is a zoom session, she will record your session if you request it.

The rest will take care of itself. Keeping a healing journal will help you to track your process. Also, typing out the recordings of your sessions will also help you assimilate the information and reflect on it from a different part of your mind. This method is time consuming but you are well worth the effort!

We hope that this information helps you and settles your mind. We are here to help you evolve past your pain and torment and will even help you with issues of daily living. If you have a question, and we can answer it, we will. If you have pain due to the loss of a loved one, they may choose to come to say a few words to help you relieve your suffering. All is said and suggested with love and compassion as you are all our dearly beloved children. If you are afraid that we will “find out” about something you feel shame about, please rest assured that we already know and love you all the more for it. Your plight as human beings is meant to encompass all shades of the scale from dark to light. There is no person who is strictly one or the other. You have all been given free will to make your own choices about who you want to be. You are all here to learn and to evolve past wherever you are.

We feel that we have given you enough information at this point. We love you and we hope to have the chance to have a little chat with you soon!

In love and light,

All That Is

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